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Training Tools

The best training is to get outside and observe and listen to birds in their native habitats. Participate in bird walks offered at nature centers and local birding clubs, or take an ornithology class at your local college. You can hone your skills with the online bird quizzes listed below and online bird guides. Also listed are invaluable field guides and audio CDs you can purchase to help you study.

Field Guide Books

Bird Banding

Birding Group

Online Bird Quizzes

Online Bird Guides

Bird Guide Apps for Phones and Tablets

  • Audubon Bird Guide (free)
  • Merlin Bird ID (free)
  • Raptor ID (free)
  • Larkwire Learn Bird Songs (free)
  • iBird Pro Guide to Birds (for purchase)
  • Sibley Guide (for purchase)
  • The Warbler Guide (for purchase)