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  • About the Tests: Please read this page before taking the tests, even the practice tests! This page describes what to expect on the identification tests.
  • System Checks: Please visit this page before taking any tests, even the practice tests, so that you determine if your computer and browser are set up properly to run the identification tests.
  • Practice Tests: Take the practice tests to verify your computer and browser can run the identification tests and to familiarize yourself with the test formats.
  • Certification Levels: Please read this page for more information about the three levels of certification. Once you have achieved a particular level of certification, you will receive a Certification Code which can be provided to agencies, organizations and employers who are seeking certified birders. Note: when you move up a level within a BCR x Habitat, you will receive a new certification code.
  • Birding Projects: For birders: find posted birding projects/jobs. For agencies and employers: post your projects to find job applicants.
Bird Banding
Glossy Ibis