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Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring Program (CWMP)

Red-winged Blackbird

The Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring Program (CWMP) is a basin-wide initiative to develop a permanent monitoring program for assessing the status and trends of Great Lakes coastal wetlands.  This program will provide Great Lakes resource managers and decision-makers with critical information upon which to base strategic wetland protection and restoration policies that will ultimately improve the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem.

The Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring Program (GLMMP) was launched bi-nationally in 1995 by Bird Canada (then Long Point Bird Observatory) in partnership with Environment Canada and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The program assesses population status, investigates habitat associations, contributes to conservation management, and increases public awareness of marsh birds and anurans (frogs/toads) at inland and coastal wetlands throughout the Great Lakes basin.

In order to provide a scientifically rigorous foundation for long-term monitoring, data collected by these programs must follow strict standards and well-documented quality control. This website is designed to ensure that field observers possess demonstrably strong bird and anuran identification skills. Visual and audio tests provided here will be taken by prospective field workers under the supervision of principal investigators or their designees. Results will be evaluated by the investigators according to standards outlined in the programs’ Quality Assurance Project Plan.

Funding for the CWMP is provided by the Great Lakes National Program Office under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, grant numbers GL-00E00612-0 and 00E01567, a part of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Support for the GLMMP is provided by the Government of Canada, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Government of Ontario, Eastern Habitat Joint Venture, and a number of other critical partners. Support for the website design was provided by the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership, Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, The 1923 Fund, U.S. National Park Service, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


  • If you are registered for the Birder Certification Online program, you may use your login information (email and password) to log into the Great Lakes Wetland Monitoring program.

  • You may register at any time for the Great Lakes Wetland Monitoring tests, but you will not be able to take the tests until your assigned test time.

The following tests must be completed successfully in order to become a certified field researcher in the CWMP or the GLMMP:

  • Wetland bird visual identification test
  • Wetland bird audio identification test
  • Anuran visual identification test
  • Anuran audio identification test

To familiarize yourself with the testing format, we recommend you try the Birder Certification Practice Tests (both visual and audio).